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LM Accounting & Payroll Services is a trusted, experienced accounting and payroll firm serving the needs of individuals and small businesses for over ten years in the area. We have built our reputation on providing quality, personalized financial guidance to clients while ensuring their obligations are met on time and accurately. Our staff has at least ten years of experience in tax management or accounting services, emphasizing audits, financial statements, and financial planning. We also offer bookkeeping for small business owners who don’t want to worry about running behind on deadlines or forgetting important tasks like tax filings. With a dedication to high standards, hiring seasoned tax professionals, and a work ethic, you can be confident your money will always be.

Payroll Services
Payroll Services
Accounting & Payroll Services

Accurate Record Keeping Is a Key Component to the Success of Your Business. The proper records can help you stay organized and take necessary actions for your company's success, both now and in future years!

We are an accounting firm with a focus on payroll, taxes, and financial management. We strive to help our clients achieve both present-day solvency while also planning for the future by always keeping communication open between ourselves and them throughout each process. Our leadership has been dedicated to building up this reputable company over time, which shows how highly respected they are among all walks of life here locally!

Our mission here at LM Accounting & Payroll services is to Help clients maintain profitability today and take a proactive approach to achieve tomorrow’s objectives. This requires open communication between us.

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