Accounting Services

Are you looking for advice on your accounting services needs? You can trust us, and we can help you!

Are you looking for advice on your accounting services needs? You can trust us, and we can help you!

Accounting services
LM Accounting & Payroll Services LLC Jacksonville, FL

Accounting Services

At LM, we believe that accounting is much more than just recording your transactions and preparing financial statements. For example, can a business owner or an individual be expected to keep up with all new federal and state laws and regulations?

LM Accounting & Payroll Services LLC steer you closer to these goals with accurate record-keeping and reporting and support on financial issues such as initial accounting system setup, cost-containment, tax planning, investments, and employee benefit profit-sharing plans.

We must, and we do.

It’s called continuing education and requires our services to guide your future decision better. In addition, we subscribe to various tax and accounting publication services to keep us constantly informed and updated. We are the partner you need to keep you informed and up to date.

LM will take care of all the calculations, deadlines, and requirements for you. With our quick review on-site or over the phone and a simple setup process that takes less than 10 minutes, we can have your business back in control of its finances within hours. Plus, to help with your peace of mind, LM includes backups for your files off-site!

We offer a Small Business Accounting Services Package is designed specifically for the small business owner. We provide the services you need every month to keep your business on track throughout the year. An affordable fixed fee allows you to budget your accounting costs and avoid billing surprises easily.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Our business accounting and bookkeeping services are design to provide you with rock-solid analysis and timely information, so you understand your business’s financial position. Plus, you get the added benefit of significant cost savings—outsourcing your business’s accounting tasks saves you money by eliminating or reducing the need for onsite staff.

These services include but not limited to:

The general ledger is a service that we provide to help your company’s lifeline. It records all of the financial accounts for each transaction that takes place within an organization. It also keeps track of money coming in and going out, assets, liabilities, equity, expenses, and income or revenue.

Financial statements are the most crucial step in accounting because they represent a company’s purpose. Therefore, they should also be adequately prepared; otherwise, it will reflect poorly on them and their investors and stakeholders alike!

Bookkeeping is a system of recording and reporting financial transactions that keep track of all information as an operating decision-maker, investor, or lender.

Payroll processing can help you avoid the hassles of manual processes. It involves calculating total wage earnings, withholding deductions, and filing taxes for both your business and yourself – all in an attempt to deliver payment based adequately on regulations set forth by government agencies such as IRS or DOL (Department Of Labor). These steps may sound difficult at first, but if executed correctly with automation, they will be accurate every time without any human error!

The cash flow budget is a plan of how much money will be coming in and going out, so it’s essential to track. The keyword here: “cash.” If you don’t see any transactions regarding bills or coins entering or leaving your pocket, then remember that those are the things that make up our budgets – so keep watching them!

For many people, a personal financial statement is the first step in their quest for more information about what they’ve been doing with the money. The following lines provide an overview:

It’s not just for tax forms or credit applications anymore; these documents can help you understand your current situation and make informed decisions as we advance!

Searching for qualified professionals? Look no further! With the ever-changing tax laws and more oversight from regulatory agencies, they know you need a skilled professional with experience in business accounting and individual income taxes. So whether you’re an entrepreneur trying to set up your first LLC or CPAs administering a new retirement plan, LM has what it takes to help make sure that nothing slips through the cracks.

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