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En LM, creemos que la contabilidad es mucho más que registrar sus transacciones y preparar estados financieros. ¿Se puede esperar que el propietario de una empresa se mantenga al día con todas las nuevas leyes y regulaciones federales y estatales?

Por qué nosotros

Permítanos ayudarlo a hacer crecer su negocio.

¿Está buscando un servicio y competencia únicos? Has venido al lugar correcto. Ofrecemos una amplia gama de servicios para empresarios, particulares y profesionales independientes. Nuestras tarifas son asequibles y, además, somos amables y experimentados. Por favor, llámenos para una consulta inicial gratuita.

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Esta es la razón por

Deberíamos trabajar juntos

Siempre a tiempo

Valoramos llegar a tiempo aquí en LM Accounting & Payroll Services LLC. Puede contar con nosotros para estar a tiempo.

Excelencia en todo lo que hace

No hay atajo para el éxito. Sólo se puede lograr un objetivo a través del trabajo duro.

Disponibilidad 24/7

Siempre trabajamos para asegurarnos de que nuestros clientes estén contentos. Ofrecemos un servicio de contestador fuera del horario de atención para ayudarlo.

Rentabilidad Máxima

Making our customers happy is important to our company because it makes more money.

Transacciones clasificadas

Sometimes it can be hard to decide how to categorize a transaction. LM Accounting & Payroll Services LLC helps by categorizing it for you.

Siempre preciso

Our financial reports are accurate and up-to-date. They help you make better business decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

It's Time To Start Your Business With Us!

We want to serve you in the best way possible. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you. We have many services, including accounting and payroll.

Accounting services

A professional accountant can help you with your work and make sure you are successful. LM Accounting & Payroll Services offers the help you need to keep your business running well for a long time.

Servicios de nómina

You are very important to your business. Your employees need you to lead them. We will help you so that you can be successful.

Servicios de impuestos

At LM, we help people with their taxes. We help make sure everything is done right and on time. We also help people keep their taxes low all year.

Notario publico

A notary is a person who is qualified to act as an official witness. A notary public is someone who helps track important information that must be signed before it can be recorded. If you need help from a notary public, visit us today!


Sometimes we need help thinking of ideas. That's where LM comes in. LM can help you turn your documents into Portuguese so you can be sure they are right. The people who work at LM know all the rules for this language and others, so you can relax and know that your documents are safe with us.

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Friendly environment and wholesome service. Thanks you LM accounting

Gilyan Andrade Barbosa Filho Avatar Gilyan Andrade Barbosa Filho

I have been a client of this office for 3 years, and what I can say is that they are the best, professionalism and ethics. thanks for everything...

Thiago Vieira Avatar Thiago Vieira

and a super competent professional does several jobs like tax, passport renewal, tax Id. super recommend

idek , Avatar idek ,

Excelente atendimento, uma ótima pessoa, sempre fazendo uma forma pra te ajudar, nota mil.

MyBuck27 Avatar MyBuck27

Tive uma experiência ótima com a Lucimar Musch, uma pessoa muito atenciosa e competem.

Roseli Carvalho Avatar Roseli Carvalho

The service I received at LM Accounting was outstanding, I would recommend this company for all your Accounting needs.

Jose Martins Avatar Jose Martins

¿Listo para venir a una cita?

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